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Give yourself evolve.

In this thing called life, change is the only constant. Just as the seasons transform, so do we. Yet, there exists a misconception that change is an adversary, something to be avoided or feared. We need to grant ourselves the liberation to evolve because, in life, anything that does not evolve eventually withers away. It's time to debunk the myth that staying the same is a testament to authenticity. Instead, let's explore the profound beauty and necessity of embracing the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery.

When we contemplate death, we often conjure images of funerals, grief, and the cessation of physical life. However, there are subtler forms of death that occur when we resist change. Many have declared, with unwavering conviction, that they will never change. Yet, this refusal to evolve leads to a state of stagnation, a mental and spiritual death of sorts. Consider this: should someone in their forties still adhere to the same beliefs and behaviors as they did in their teenage years? The answer is a resounding no. Humans are dynamic beings, constantly in flux from year to year, day to day, and even second to second. Society often echoes the mantra of "be true to yourself" and "keep it real." While authenticity is crucial, it's crucial to understand that keeping it real does not equate to remaining stagnant. Authenticity is about embracing your true self at each stage of your evolution, not tethering yourself to a past version. The fallacy lies in the belief that staying the same is the ultimate expression of authenticity. Change can be intimidating, dwelling in the realms of the unknown and the uncomfortable. However, it is precisely within these unfamiliar territories that growth takes root. Giving yourself permission to evolve requires the fortitude to face the uncertainties and challenges that come with transformation. True growth often emerges from moments of discomfort, pushing boundaries, and challenging preconceived notions. To evolve is to shed the old skin, allowing the new and improved version of yourself to emerge. Give yourself the permission to become the best possible iteration of who you are meant to be. Resisting change is a form of self-sabotage, allowing the old self to strangle the potential of the new self. It's akin to voluntarily choosing stagnation over vitality.

Life is an intricate dance of change and transformation. Give yourself the permission to let go of the outdated beliefs, behaviors, and identities that no longer serve you. Embrace the uncertainty of the evolving journey, for it is in this uncertainty that the magic of self-discovery unfolds. Grant yourself the freedom to evolve, to grow, and to become the version of yourself that you love the most. In doing so, you gift yourself the opportunity to live a life enriched with physical, mental, and spiritual abundance. Remember, you only have one life, but within that one life, you have the power to be many beautiful versions of yourself.

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Feb 14

I love this! Suffering from low self-esteem much of my life, I felt that non-change was simply the safest place to exist. Thank God I discovered that I wanted to do more than just exist. I wanted to LIVE. Everything you said is SO true. Only through the risk of changing/evolving can we truly be free and grow and actually LIVE life. Didn't someone once say something about the only chains we wear are the ones we place upon ourselves?

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